15.7 Release Notes

New Cloud Control Center updates for 15.7

This release includes various bug fixes, updates to the UI and several new and improved features detailed below. 


Asset Locking in Policy Groups

Elisity Cloud Control Center now offers an enhanced "Asset Locking" feature within Policy Groups. This feature allows administrators to lock specific assets to a policy group, ensuring strict governance over asset-policy associations and preventing unintended changes. The functionality is designed to enhance security and operational integrity by maintaining consistent policy enforcement for critical assets. To learn more, read the Asset Locking section of the Policy Groups article.

Local Policy Groups

Unlike Global Policy Groups, which apply broadly across the network, Local Policy Groups are confined to individual sites, ensuring that local security needs are prioritized and managed independently. This segregation allows administrators to implement site-specific dynamic policy groups that cannot be overridden by broader, more general policy groups. To learn more, read the Global and Local Policy Groups section of the Policy Groups article.

Elisity Native Attributes Available in Policy Group Definition

This release introduces Elisity Native attributes as match criteria when defining a Policy Group. Attributes in this category are derived directly from Elisity's native detection and identification mechanisms. They represent information that Elisity has been able to ascertain on its own, without relying on external platforms or manual input. Elisity Native attributes such as Vendor, Type, VLAN, Virtual Edge Node association and more are now available. To learn more, read the Elisity Native section of the IdentityGraph™ article. 

RBAC Enhancements

15.7 introduces significant advancements to Cloud Control Center's Role Based Access Control (RBAC) capabilities including the visibility and control of Site Views, Analytics, Local/Global Policy Groups, and Policy Sets. These improvements have also been integrated into Elisity API endpoints and are well documented in the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and Setting Up Identity and Access Management (IAM) Using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) in Cloud Control Center articles.

Device Table Size Increase

The default table size on the device dashboard has been increased to 50 devices and now supports views of up to 500 devices on a single page. 

Policy Matrix Size Persistence 

When resizing the Policy Matrix using the built in +/- buttons, the matrix size will stay persistent as the user navigates between tabs on the Policies page. 

Retroactive Enrichment for Active Directory Device Attributes

The Elisity Cloud Control Center now automatically enriches device identity attributes learned via Active Directory for all previously known devices when a new AD connector is configured, eliminating the need for a detach and attach event.

Suppressed Status on Device Dashboard

Suppressed devices will now show a status of Suppressed under the Status column on the device dashboard. All the existing sort and filtering functions on this page apply. 

Enhanced Application Discovery

Elisity now has the support to detect 5K+ more ports and protocols than previous releases. This is applied to both the Analytics and Traffic Flow modules of Cloud Control Center. 

RDNS Enhancement

This release introduces a periodic RDNS lookup functionality for all discovered devices in Cloud Control Center. In addition to running the RDNS lookup on the attach of a new device, the service will check for updates to hostnames every 6 hours.  

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