15.6.2 Release Notes

New Cloud Control Center updates for 15.6.2

This release includes various bug fixes, updates to the UI and several new and improved features detailed below. 


Active Directory Agent 3.0
Elisity's Active Directory Agent 3.0 offers faster and better performing synchronization, an easier installation process and a more streamlined experience. It is recommended to update your Active Directory Agent to 3.0 if running Cloud Control Center 15.6.2 for the best experience. To learn more read the Connect Microsoft Active Directory article.

Elisity Open Connector
15.6.2 brings support for Elisity Open Connector. Open Connector enables you to integrate Cloud Control Center and IdentityGraph with any custom database via a simple API mechanism. IdentityGraph can then query the custom database as a source of truth and for device attribute enrichment. As of this release, Open Connector is only configurable via API. Please reach out to your Elisity Customer Experience engineer if you are interested in learning more. 

Global Distribution Zone
The Global Distribution Zone is designed to streamline the distribution of IP-Group mappings across network infrastructures. By assigning specific Virtual Edges (VEs) or Virtual Edge Nodes (VE Nodes) to the Global Distribution Zone, administrators ensure that all known IP-Group mappings are uniformly distributed to these designated VEs and Nodes. This centralized approach simplifies policy deployment management and enhances consistency and efficiency within the network. To learn more about Global Distribution Zone read the Distribution Zones article. 

Virtual Edge Node Distribution Zone Support
Distribution Zones can now be assigned directly to a Virtual Edge Node (VEN) for greater flexibility in IP-Group mapping design in large enterprise networks. To learn more read the Distribution Zones article.

Active Directory User Asset View
A new view has been added to the Active Directory Users page in Cloud Control Center which allows you to easily determine which devices are currently associated with a particular user. To learn more read the Connect Microsoft Active Directory article.

Attached Policies Pagination
It is now easier than ever to search, filter and sort through pages of attached policies on the Policy Group page. Select the Attached Policies section when viewing a Policy Group to see more details. 

Cloud Control Center Welcome Message
The new Welcome Message feature in Elisity Cloud Control Center is designed to enhance security awareness among users by displaying customizable security banners upon login. This feature allows administrators to convey critical security information, reminders, and compliance notices directly to all CCC users, ensuring they stay informed and vigilant. To learn more, read the Elisity Cloud Control Center Configuration Guide.

Analytics Username Auto Population
Usernames will now auto populate when creating a filter that references Active Directory users on the Analytics page in Cloud Control Center. 

Sticky Filtering on Device Page
For a better user experience, filters created on the Cloud Control Center Device page will now be sticky as you navigate the UI. To learn more, read the IdentityGraph™ article. 

Policy Sets Default
Policy Sets is now a default feature in Cloud Control Center and cannot be disabled. To learn more, read the Policy Sets and Site Labels article.

New "Status" Column on Device Dashboard Page
The device status column on the Device Dashboard Page has been updated to display OnlineOffline, and SuppressedThis new column can also be sorted and filtered. To learn more, read the Introduction to Elisity Microsegmentation article. 

Idle Timeout Customization
Elisity Cloud Control Center provides administrators with the ability to configure user session policies to enhance security and manage user access effectively. The session policies include settings for failed login attempts, account lockout periods, and in this most recent release, idle session timeouts. To learn more, read the Elisity Cloud Control Center Configuration Guide.

Bulk Actions for Policy Groups
Cloud Control Center now supports bulk actions for Policy Groups such as specifying the order of Policy Groups, assigning Policy Group Labels, and deleting Policy Groups. To learn more, read the Policy Groups article. 

Core Policy Set Renamed to Default Policy Set
The Core Policy Set has been renamed to "Default Policy Set". To learn more, read the Policy Sets and Site Labels article.


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