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Elisity supports simple API connectivity to Armis as a method to enrich device discovery and identity. This allows data from Armis to be pulled into IdentityGraph for use as Core Effective Attributes when creating policies, enhancing the precision and accuracy of device classification and Policy Group matching. It also presents additional detail about the asset and agent such as ZTNA Scores and versioning. 


  • Armis API URL (Unique to your instance)
  • Armis API Secret Key

Steps to Connect Armis

Step 1. Create a Armis API Secret Key by following the directions below or by reading the Armis API Guide. The access the API guide, log into the Armis console and navigate to Settings and selecting API Management under the Data Sources category. 

a) Log into the Armis console and navigate to Settings > API Management. 

b) Under the Secret API Key section select the Create button

c) Copy the Secret API Key and then select OK. Please keep it private, as it grants full access to the API.


Step 2. Log into Elisity Cloud Control Center and navigate to Settings > Connectors and select + Add Connector button. 


Step 3. A list of tiles will slide out from the right side of the screen. Select configure on the Armis connector. 


Step 4. Input the API URL (unique to your instance) and the API Secret Key you generated in the first step and select Submit.


Step 5. If all of the required connector values are correct, all checks will pass and the connector will be created. 


After successful configuration, you should begin to see devices enriched by Armis in IdentityGraph.


Leveraging Armis with Elisity

When Elisity discovers a new asset on the network and the Armis connector is active, Cloud Control Center queries the Armis platform via API for additional device attributes in order to enrich IdentityGraph. This enriched data is displayed in the IdentityGraph tab of the device and can be leveraged as Elisity Core Effective Attributes for Policy Group definition. 

To learn more about how to leverage IdentityGraph Core Effective Attributes review the IdentityGraph article. 

If a device discovered by Elisity is also known in Armis, the Trust Attribute flag for "Known in Armis" will be set to Yes. You can then leverage this trust attribute as match criteria in Policy Group definition. 

To learn more about how to leverage IdentityGraph Trust Attributes review the Leveraging Trust Attributes for Policy Group Definition article.





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