15.4.5 Release Notes

New Cloud Control Center updates for 15.4.5

This release includes various bug fixes, updates to the UI and several new and improved features detailed below. 

Elisity API Usage Guide

The document provides guidelines and procedures for accessing Elisity APIs, detailing the necessary steps and requirements. It's a support resource aimed at facilitating integration and interaction with Elisity's infrastructure and services. For detailed information, please refer to the official API Usage Guide.

Additional Connector Attributes

Cloud Control Center now exposes additional connector attributes when defining match criteria during policy group definition. This allows for a more granular and customized approach to device classification in the platform. 

RBAC 2.0

Elisity's updated Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) in the Cloud Control Center introduces enhanced functionalities for user access management. This advancement allows for more detailed and controlled assignment of privileges, ensuring a secure and efficient operational environment. For an in-depth understanding of the technical enhancements in the RBAC feature, please refer to the detailed documentation here

Bulk Policy Group Deletion

This release adds support for bulk Policy Group Deletion. To learn more, read this article

Login Page Redesign

The login page has been redesign. To learn more read this article.



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