15.4.3 Release Notes

New Cloud Control Center updates for 15.4.3

This release includes various bug fixes, and a plethora of new and improved features detailed below. 


Distribution Zones

Distribution Zones is a transformative feature in our microsegmentation technology. This innovation addresses the challenges of large-scale network environments by creating dedicated areas for efficient identity tag distribution. Distribution Zones enhance scalability and manageability in complex, multi-vendor settings, marking a significant advancement in enterprise network security and policy enforcement. To learn more about Distribution Zones click here


Analytics Sankey Interactivity

Users can now interact more deeply with their data by clicking on different areas of the Sankey Chart to apply dynamic filters. This new functionality allows for an intuitive and seamless exploration, enabling users to dive deeper into the specifics of their data flows and understand the intricate relationships between different elements. To learn more about Analytics Sankey click here


Policy Matrix Refresh Button

A refresh button has been added to the lower right corner of the Policy Matrix.

Default Site Label

The concept of a Default Site Label has been introduced. Any newly deployed Virtual Edge that does not have a configured Site Label will fall back to the Default Site Label. 


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