15.4 Release Notes

New Cloud Control Center updates for 15.4

This release includes various bug fixes, enhancements to the UI and IdentityGraph.


Palo Alto Networks IoT Security Connector

Elisity Cloud Control Center version 15.4 introduces an integration with Palo Alto Networks IoT Security to enhance device classification for precise policy application. This feature leverages both Palo Alto Networks passive network traffic analysis for device identification and Elisity’s swift device discovery methods, ensuring devices are quickly and accurately classified. Device attributes are enriched within the IdentityGraph for a comprehensive network view, while the IoT Security serves as a Trust Attribute—requiring device verification by IoT Security before classification into policy groups. For ease of use, this integration is designed for rapid enablement, allowing activation in only a couple of clicks.

Read more about the Palo Alto Networks IoT Security Connector here.

Manually Refresh Connector Attributes

Elisity Cloud Control Center 15.4 now offers a manual refresh capability for device attributes learned through connectors, providing customers with the flexibility to update device information on demand, rather than waiting for the usual 24-hour automatic refresh cycle. To utilize this feature, users can click the refresh button located next to each connector tile for immediate attribute updates on a per-device basis.

To learn more about IdentityGraph connectors read this article. 

Analytics (Beta)

Elisity Cloud Control Center 15.4 introduces 'Analytics' as a Beta feature, aimed at providing comprehensive visibility into network interactions. This feature unveils two new perspectives for network traffic: a Sankey chart view and a flow table view. The Sankey chart view graphically illustrates the traffic flow and relationships between Policy Groups, as well as between users and network assets, highlighting the identity and policy dynamics in an intuitive manner. This aids in the identification of unexpected traffic patterns and complex interdependencies. Complementing this, the flow table view offers detailed traffic information in a structured list format for in-depth analysis. Additionally, the Sankey functionality extends to individual devices, accessible through the device details page. Further enhancements to the Analytics feature are planned for future releases.

Control Plane Connection Migrated to DTLS

In the latest update, Elisity Cloud Control Center 15.4 enhances the security and efficiency of the control plane connection between the Virtual Edge (VE) and the Cloud Control Center. This enhancement involves the migration of the control plane connection to DTLS technology, utilizing mutual certificate exchange to establish a robust DTLS 1.3 connection. This upgrade significantly bolsters the performance and reliability of communications between the VE and the Cloud Control Center.

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