Tenable Security Center Device Classification Details

This article summarizes which device attributes can be enriched from our connector with Tenable Security Center, and the benefits of using that enriched data in policy.

Our integration with Tenable Security Center is intended to allow customers to use the most accurate device classifications in policy decisions. Tenable Security Center's agent passively collects network traffic information and Tenable Security Center identifies devices. Elisity leverages our own rapid device discovery mechanisms along with the Tenable Security Center analysis so that our customer’s devices get the most appropriate policies applied in a timely manner. 

When a new device is discovered by any of Elisity's methods, Cloud Control Center queries Tenable Security Center using the following parameters until a match is found: 


1. IP Address


A new query is made every 24 hours to check for updated device attributes. Any devices learned by Elisity prior to the Connector being configured will be automatically scheduled for enrichment during the next 24 hour cycle and based on their attachment timestamp. 


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