Connect Tenable Security Center

Elisity supports simple API connectivity to Tenable Security Center as a method to enrich device discovery and identity.

Cloud Control Center supports API connectivity to Tenable directly or via an API proxy. The requirements for each connectivity option are detailed below. 



Via Tenable Direct

  • API URL Path
  • API Access Key
  • API Secret Key

To create the API Access and Secret Keys, follow the Generate API Keys document on Tenable's support page. 

Via API Proxy

  • API Proxy URL Path
  • Authentication Header Name
  • API Token


Steps to Connect Tenable Security Center


Step 1: Log into Elisity Cloud Control Center and navigate to Settings > Connectors and select + Add Connector button. 


Step 2: A list of tiles will slide out from the right side of the screen. Select configure on the Tenable connector. 



Step 3a: If leveraging direct API connectivity to Tenable, input the API URL Path, the API Access Key, and the API Secret Key you generated by following the Generate API Keys document on Tenable's support page. 


Step 3b: If leveraging API Proxy connectivity to Tenable, select the API Proxy option, input the API Proxy URL Path, the Authentication Header Name, and the API Token for your API Proxy. 


4. If the previous information was entered correctly all checks will pass and the connector will be created. 


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