Connect Claroty xDome

Elisity supports simple API connectivity to Claroty xDome as a method to enrich IT, IoT, IoMT and OT device discovery and identity. This allows data from Claroty to be pulled into IdentityGraph for use as Core Effective Attributes when creating policies, enhancing the precision and accuracy of device classification and Policy Group matching.



  • xDome API User created
  • xDome API User API Token Generated

Steps to Connect Claroty xDome

1. Create an API User in xDome by logging into Claroty xDome and navigating to Settings > User Management. Select + Add User and create an API User. 



2. After creating the user, select the Generate Token button to the right of the user name in the list. 



3. Copy the token to your clipboard as we will be using it later. 



4. Log into Elisity Cloud Control Center and navigate to Settings > Connectors and select + Add Connector button. 


xdome connector.gif


5. A list of tiles will slide out from the right side of the screen. Select configure on the Claroty xDome connector. 



6. Input the API URL and the API Token you generated in a previous step and select Submit.



7. If the API URL and API Token were correct, all checks will pass and the connector will be created. 



After successful configuration, you should begin to see devices enriched by Claroty xDome in Identity Graph.

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