15.1.1 Release Notes

New Cloud Control Center updates for 15.1.1


This release includes various bug fixes, Stateful Delta Update support for switch stacks, a new Overview page, and a refreshed Logs & Events page. 


Support for Stateful Delta Updates (SDU) for Switch Stacks

In our continuous endeavor to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, we are introducing support for Stateful Delta Updates (SDU) for switch stacks hosting Virtual Edge in HA mode in the latest version of Elisity Cloud Control Center. This feature builds upon the existing SDU functionality, extending its benefits to environments that employ switches configured in a stack and also configured to enable high availability application hosting. SDU empowers Elisity customers with the flexibility to coordinate Virtual Edge (VE) updates seamlessly, leveraging a Delta Updates process that retains state information throughout the targeted module update, ensuring continuity and stability. You can schedule these updates with Elisity, or, with your authorization, allow Elisity to automatically update the Virtual Edge software as new versions become available, reducing the operational support complexity traditionally associated with on-premises solutions. This, coupled with Cloud Control Center updates delivered by Elisity, facilitates a frictionless SaaS-based deployment and software update experience, ushering in a new era of simplicity and efficiency in network management.



Revamped Overview Page

In the latest update to the Elisity Cloud Control Center, we are thrilled to introduce a completely redesigned Overview page, crafted to enhance your monitoring and management experience. This intuitive interface now offers detailed insights into the health of your Elisity deployment at a glance, with dynamic filters that allow for a more granular view of your ecosystem. Delve deep into comprehensive statistics encompassing devices, users, sites, Site IDs, and policies, facilitating informed decision-making and streamlined operations. The newly integrated charts and graphs are not just visually appealing but are fully interactive, enhancing your data analysis capabilities. Moreover, every component on the Overview page is clickable, guiding you to dedicated sections for a detailed breakdown, thereby offering a seamless navigation experience. This holistic upgrade is designed to empower you with a control center that is as dynamic and versatile as your operational needs, paving the way for a more secure and efficient environment.



Redesigned Logs & Events Page

We are excited to unveil the newly designed Logs & Events page in the latest version of Elisity Cloud Control Center, bringing a heightened level of clarity and navigational ease to your auditing processes. The revamped format is meticulously designed to enhance readability and facilitate swift navigation, helping you pinpoint the exact information you are seeking within a specified timeframe, thanks to the updated filters. A standout feature is the introduction of a drawer page that appears when you click on an audit or event log, offering a detailed breakdown of activities — it tells you precisely who did what and when, leaving no stone unturned in providing comprehensive insights into the operations within the Cloud Control Center. Moreover, to aid in reporting and documentation, you now have the ability to download the list of events and logs seamlessly. This feature ensures a transparent and accountable operational environment, where every action is logged meticulously, offering you a detailed and clear pathway to audit trails, and fostering a culture of accountability and security while facilitating streamlined reporting processes.


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