15.1 Release Notes

New Cloud Control Center and Virtual Edge Updates for 15.1.0

This release includes various bug fixes, simplified menu redesign in Cloud Control Center, and a powerful new feature called Policy Sets that is now generally available to customers.

Policy Sets



Policy Sets are a logical grouping of policies that can be applied to specific sites or groups of policy enforcement points within an organization. By organizing policies into sets, administrators can easily define and enforce different sets of policies tailored to the unique needs and requirements of individual sites or business units, especially as your segmentation efforts expand. This flexibility allows for more granular policy enforcement and ensures that policies are aligned with the specific characteristics and operational environments of each site. Read this article which provides a comprehensive technical overview of Policy Sets, highlighting their benefits and practical usage, and how they contribute to a more streamlined and customizable policy management process.



Simplified Cloud Control Center Menu

Administrative Settings, Connectors, and other general settings can now be found all in one location - the Settings tab. We have relocated less commonly used menus to this section to de-clutter the sidebar menu.

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