15.0 Release Notes

  New CCC and VE Features in 15.0

Revamped Policy Group Creation Workflow

Version 15.0 of the Elisity Cloud Control Center is here, and it's all about improving your experience. One of the standout features is a completely redesigned workflow for creating policy groups. We've streamlined the process, making it more intuitive and efficient, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Let's highlight some of the key improvements you'll find in this release:

  1. A Clear and Concise User Interface: Navigating through the policy group creation process is now a breeze. We've stripped away the clutter and focused on what matters, making it easier for you to find what you need when you need it.

  2. Enhanced Guardrails: We've improved our guardrails to ensure you stay on track, guiding you through each step of the process to avoid mistakes and streamline your workflow.

  3. Support for Descriptions: You can now add descriptions to your policy groups, making it easier for your team to understand their purpose and function.

  4. Improved Filtering Options: We've broadened our filtering options, giving you more control and flexibility when creating your policy groups.

  5. Simplified Menus: With fewer menus to click through, creating a policy group has never been quicker or more straightforward.

  6. Efficient Editing and Deletion: Modifying or removing a policy group and its match criteria is now a more efficient process, saving you valuable time.

As you add match criteria to a policy group, a live view of matched assets is now displayed, giving you real-time feedback and insight into the impact of your policies on your network.


Unveiling Enhanced Policy Matrix

In our continuous efforts to enhance user experience, we've taken a fresh look at the policy matrix in version 15.0 of the Elisity Cloud Control Center. We've introduced additional visuals and functionalities, giving you an even clearer picture of the effects of your policy actions.


Here's a snapshot of the exciting new updates:

  1. A Visual Upgrade: We've added more visual cues to help you differentiate between policy actions, such as 'Allow all', 'Deny all', and 'Custom rules'.

  2. A Focus on Accessibility: With an all-new accessibility mode, the policy matrix is now more inclusive, enabling those with color vision deficiency to work seamlessly with our platform.

  3. Advanced Search, Sorting, and Filtering: We've made it easier for you to find what you need when you need it with improved search functions, intuitive sorting options, and flexible filtering features.

We're thrilled to introduce 'Custom Views' - a feature that puts you in the driver's seat. This exciting addition allows you to create and save your own custom view, tailored to your specific needs. You get to choose which policy groups you want to see on your matrix, providing you with a personalized user experience.

Imagine deploying Elisity in a healthcare environment. You could create a custom view for each hospital, clinic, or corporate headquarters. This means you can focus on what's important to you and your organization, making the policy matrix an even more powerful tool for managing your network.


Discover the Power of Simulation Mode

We understand the importance of confidence and assurance when it comes to network security. That's why we're thrilled to introduce Simulation Mode, a game-changing feature in version 15.0 of the Elisity Cloud Control Center.

Simulation Mode allows you to experience the impact of your segmentation policies without implementing them on your live network. It provides a comprehensive view of how your policies would affect traffic flows and assets, giving you the ability to fine-tune your policies before they go live.

Let's take a deeper look into the standout features and benefits of Simulation Mode:

  1. Comprehensive Policy Insights: Visualize how your policies would affect traffic behavior and asset accessibility. This clear and detailed insight empowers you to make well-informed decisions about your policy configurations and adjustments.

  2. Policy Testing and Refinement: Experiment with various policy setups and observe their effects on your network. With these simulated outcomes, you can iteratively refine your policies to perfectly balance your security needs and operational requirements.

  3. Enhanced Security Posture: Proactively identify and rectify potential security vulnerabilities. By visualizing the effects of your policies, you can spot unintended consequences, blocked connections, or unauthorized access attempts, strengthening your overall network security.

  4. Operational Risk Mitigation: Identify potential disruptions or performance issues in a simulated environment before they affect your live network. This allows you to resolve conflicts or bottlenecks ahead of time, minimizing operational risks and preventing unnecessary downtime.

  5. Seamless Integration: Simulation Mode smoothly integrates with the existing Elisity Policy Matrix Microsegmentation Platform, providing a unified interface to manage both enforced and simulated policies. This streamlined workflow ensures an effortless transition from testing to policy deployment, enhancing your overall efficiency.

Introducing Unidirectional Policy Support

With version 15.0 of the Elisity Cloud Control Center, we're introducing an additional layer of control and flexibility in your policy management - Unidirectional Policy Support. This feature is designed to cater to your needs when you need to allow traffic in one direction only, creating a software-based data diode.

By default, the Elisity policy engine creates reverse policies to ensure the expected and authorized return traffic can reach the sender. This is represented in the policy grid by a cell with two little arrows.


However, we understand that there may be scenarios where you'd want to restrict the traffic flow to just one direction. And this is where Unidirectional Policy Support comes into play. With just a simple click while creating a policy, you can now set your policy to be unidirectional. As simple as that!


Gain Full Control with Manually Verified Trust Attribute

In response to the needs of our customers who want complete manual control over their critical assets, we're introducing the "Manually Verified Trust Attribute" feature in version 15.0 of the Elisity Cloud Control Center.

This powerful feature offers you the ability to manually define which assets are trusted and should be classified into a Policy Group. When setting the match criteria for a Policy Group, simply select the "Manually Verified" option as a Trust Attribute. With this selection, only the devices manually set to have the "Admin Verified" attribute as "Yes" will be classified into the Policy Group.


In scenarios where the "Admin Verified" attribute is set to "No", the device will not be classified into that particular Policy Group, regardless of whether it meets all the other match criteria. This ensures that you have complete control over the classification of devices into your Policy Groups based on trust.

With the Manually Verified Trust Attribute, you're in the driver's seat, giving you the power to fortify your network security with precision and confidence.

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