Cloud Control Center Password Reset Procedure

Did you forget your Cloud Control Center Username or Password? Not to worry. Follow this procedure to reset it. 

Option 1 - Password Reset

You can easily reset your password using the Forgot Password functionality built into Cloud Control Center

1. Go to the login page for Cloud Control Center and select Forgot Password?


2. Provide the email address registered to the account and select Submit.

3. If the email provided is correct, you will receive an email with your username and a new temporary Password. 

Option 2 - Re-issue the account

If an admin has access to Cloud Control Center, they can log in and re-issue the account and set a new temporary password. 

1. Navigate to Administration > User Management, click the action menu next to the user in question and then click Delete User


2. Now create a new account by selecting Add User, fill out all the mandatory fields and hit Create.

You can also edit your own user after you have access to Cloud Control Center to set your password.

By default, Cloud Control Center will lock an account out for 60 minutes after 5 consecutive failed login attempts. These values can be adjusted by navigating to Administration > Settings > Account Lockout Policy as shown below:









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