12.0 Release Notes

Releases included: 12.0, 12.3


Netflow Support on Micro Edge (Catalyst 9300) 

Provide additional visibility into traffic flows in Micro Edge environments. Netflow data is now sent to the Micro Edge container for processing and visualization in the Elisity CCC     

Enhanced Application Analytics 

Enhancements to applications for greater fidelity in application recognition 

Random MAC Classification and Policy Enforcement 

Administrators can now apply specific policies to devices using randomized MAC addresses. For example, if a network admin wishes to prevent devices with random MAC addresses from connecting to a critical asset for audit purposes, they can now define policies to enforce that behavior. 

Policy Management 

Enhancements to reduce administrative input in automated policy creation and use Security Profiles to be used in policies to restrict the lateral movement of malware. 


Graphical Policy Visualization

View policies graphically to enable a large set of policies to be represented in a single view and indicate how assets may or may not communicate.

Traffic Flow Visualization

Graphical representation of how assets are communicating to assist in initial policy creation.

Automated Policy Creation

Ability to create policies based upon observed data flows to reduce the scope for human error when starting to implement policies.

Context Visualization for Discovered Devices

Illustrate numbers of devices by:

  • device classes
  • device types
  • device vendors
  • locations

With the ability to identify new devices observed over time and indicate how devices are assigned to policy groups.

Apply Policies Within a Policy Group

Micro-segmentation policies can now be applied within a policy group. This enables policies to control the lateral movement of threats between users and devices in the same policy group.

Internet Policy Group

Simplified policy control of how users and devices can access Internet resources.

Bulk Edits for User, Device and Application Attributes

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