14.2.0 Release Notes

New Features in 14.2.0

New Universal Virtual Edge (VE) Container

  • Replaces the previous versions of Elisity Micro Edge and Virtual Edge with a single container.
  • Deployable within Cisco Catalyst 9000 series Application Hosting environments (supported models only) and in standalone Docker environments.
  • Previous deployments of the Elisity Micro Edge and Virtual Edge containers should be migrated to this Universal Virtual Edge.

RESTCONF Communication Improvements 

  • Cloud Control Center now indicates when RESTCONF calls to Virtual Edge node switches fail.
  • Administrative users can restart the RESTCONF process on VE node switches via the Cloud Control Center.

Editable Security Profile Names

  • Security profile names can now be edited via the "Edit Security Profile" interface.

Policy Matrix Rapid Edits

  • Users can now perform bulk policy edits directly in the Policy Matrix.
  • Multiple cells can be selected within the Policy Matrix and Security Profiles can be added to all selected cells.

System Created "Allow All" and "Deny All" Security Profiles

  • Pre-defined Security Profiles for Allow All and Deny All are now available by default.
  • These can be used to allow or deny all traffic between two policy groups

No Edge/Site Selection Required for Adding Devices or Applications

  • Applications and Devices can now be onboarded to the Elisity Cloud Control Center without being required to be added to a specific site or Elisity Edge.

Asset Groups can be used in Policy Group Assignments

  • Administrator created Asset Groups can now be used as match criteria within Policy Group definitions in the Cloud Control Center

Integration Improvements

  • Timers have been optimized for the Medigate API based connector

Efficient Distribution of Policy Group Values

  • IP to Policy Group value mappings are selectively distributed to enforcement nodes enabling increased Policy Group scale in Cisco Catalyst environments.
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