14.5.0 Release Notes

New CCC and VE Features in 14.5.0

Additional Supported Switch Platforms - Cisco Catalyst 9200/L & IE3400

The Elisity Platform now supports Cisco's Catalyst 9200/9200L and IE3400 Ethernet switching platforms. Glean identity and enforce policy using these additional SGT capable platforms.

Refer to the Elisity deployment guides for IE3400* and Catalyst 9200 in the Elisity knowledge base.

* Expansion module support is limited to IEM3400 modules due to platform restrictions when non-3400 series modules are connected.

High Availability Support for Catalyst Switch Application Hosted VE

The Elisity Virtual Edge container now supports the Cisco Catalyst 9000 series Native Docker Auto Restart functionality. In the event of a failure of the switch/supervisor hosting the VE container the VE will automatically restart and re-connect to the Elisity Cloud automatically.

Policies for Unclassified endpoints using the Unclassified PG

Policies can now be created and applied to assets in your inventory that do not match any of the configured policy groups in the Elisity Cloud Control Center.

Inventory Expiration Timers

Devices can now be configured to age out of the inventory after a configured timeout period. This capability enables automatic removal of transient assets such as guest and randomized MAC address devices.

Reverse DNS lookups of Connected Devices

Hostnames of connected devices can now be displayed in the Elisity CCC. These hostnames are gleaned by reverse DNS lookups performed against the name servers configured on the Virtual Edge container.

Improved VE to VE Node Heartbeat Mechanism

The frequency and retry periods have been adjusted for communications between VE and VE nodes to reduce alerting in the event of brief transient network conditions.

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