14.6.0 Release Notes

New CCC and VE Features in 14.6.0

Single Sign-on Support for Elisity Control Center

Customers are now able to integrate the Elisity Control Center via Open ID Connect with Okta, Ping, and Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) SSO supports login using corporate credentials, enables MFA based logins via the SSO provider, and supports assignment of roles directly from the SSO platform.

Ability to Associate Virtual Edges to a Site Label

Customers can now create Site Labels in the Elisity Control Center. These labels can be used to logically group Virtual Edges, child Virtual Edge Nodes, and assets discovered by the nodes. Asset views can be filtered by site label allowing administrators to view site specific discovery details.

Control Center Material UI Refresh - Devices Page

In upcoming releases, we are overhauling the Elisity Control Center UI to provide a more modern user experience. Our efforts have started in this release with a full re-work of the devices page using Material UI controls and design guidelines. More to come as we continue to improve the Control Center experience!

Automatically Trust Port 48 on Slot 4 of Catalyst 9410s when App Hosting is Used

When hosting the Elisity Virtual Edge container on a Catalyst 9410 switch port 4/0/48 must be disabled to allow App Hosting Ethernet connectivity. To prevent any adverse behavior on the switch we now automatically trust port 4/0/48. This prevents any configuration from being applied to the disabled port.

Stability Improvements for SSH Based VE to VEN Interactions

The team continues to improve the interface between the Elisity Virtual Edge and Edge Node Switches. In this release we have moved to a single SSH connection for all SSH based switch interactions. This will reduce the overall load on customers' switches and any associated Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) services.

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