14.6.1 Release Notes

New CCC and VE Features in 14.6.1

Network-Based Policy Groups

Elisity Control Center Administrators are now able to create Policy Groups based on IP Subnet ranges. With the addition of this ability, admins can apply Policy to control access to remote assets purely via IP addressing. For example, an identified asset needs to only access a single IP or range of IPs in a data center, this can be accomplished by creating a network policy group for the server IPs and applying a policy between the asset policy group and the server network-based policy group.

Wired 802.1x Authentication as Identity Source

The Elisity Virtual Edge Platform is now capable of receiving RADIUS accounting information for wired 802.1x connections on a controlled Virtual Edge Node. This provides an additional source of information that is used to transparently identify users when connected to a Virtual Edge Node.

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