14.9 Release Notes

New Features in 14.9

Stateful Delta Updates (SDU) for Virtual Edge

Elisity is proud to introduce Stateful Delta Updates (SDU) for Virtual Edge platforms. SDU gives Elisity customers the option to coordinate VE updates with Elisity leveraging a process called Delta Updates which retains State information throughout the targeted module update. These updates can be scheduled with Elisity or given customer authorization, Elisity can automatically update the Virtual Edge software as new versions become available. Combined with Elisity delivered Cloud Control Center Updates, SDU now gives Elisity customers both frictionless SaaS based deployment and software updates, reducing operational support complexity inherent in on-premises based solutions today.


ServiceNow API Key/Token Authentication

In addition to the existing Username/Password authentication support, Elisity’s ServiceNow integration has been enhanced to support API Key/Token based authentication. Elisity Cloud Control Center customers now have the option to leverage the authentication method best suited for their ServiceNow environment. Refer to the ServiceNow CMDB connector document for more details. 


Cribl Integration Using Splunk HEC 

Elisity Cloud Control Admins can now export logging data from Elisity Cloud Control Center to Cribl. This is in addition to support for direct export to Splunk which was introduced in 14.8, leveraging Splunk HEC. Cribl administrators simply need to specify Splunk HEC as a Data Source and Elisity Cloud Control Center with correct Cribl credentials to take advantage of this integration.

This enhancement also enables Cloud Control Center Admins to take advantage of Cribl's log aggregation and distribution functionality essentially providing support for a comprehensive list of SIEMs. 

Refer to the Splunk SIEM connector document for more details.

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