Onboarding On-premise Applications


Elisity supports the onboarding of on-premise applications into Cloud Control Center. These applications show up in the Devices page and are just like any other device known to Elisity.


On-Premise applications can be manually onboarded so that they can be referenced during policy creation. 

Today, manually onboarding an application is done on the Devices page the same way a manually defined device is onboarded. 


Onboarding a On-premise application

  1. On the Devices page, select Onboard Device and select Add Device.

  2. On the slide out pane, fill out the required fields to identify the Application and select Submit. The more fields you fill out the more attributes you will have to leverage when classifying the Application in a Policy Group. 


If the Shared Services option is set to Yes, after the initial Policy Group classification is in effect the Policy Group will never change unless manually reclassified.


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