Connect ServiceNow CMDB

Elisity supports simple API connectivity to ServiceNow CMDB as a method to enrich device discovery and identity. Today, Cloud Control Center only reads CMDB data sets and does not write to them via the connector. 

  • Elisity requires Read-Only API access and does not write data to ServiceNow data sets.
  • Elisity reads ONLY CMDB and configuration items, and nothing more.
  • Elisity API Access can be limited to only required data sets and API calls following the organizations best practices, using ServiceNow API RBAC capabilities. 


  • API URL for the ServiceNow instance ex.

  • (Read-Only) API Username/Password (if using credential based API connection) for the ServiceNow instance, OR API Key and Token (If using Key based API connection) for the ServiceNow instance

Connector Instructions

Step 1. Log into Elisity Cloud Control Center and enable the ServiceNow Connector by navigating to Connectors on the left menu barSelect + IDP\Connectors




Step 2. Select Configure on the ServiceNow connector tile in the list that pops up on the right side of the screen.  



Step 3. If leveraging Username/Password based API connectivity. enter the ServiceNow API URL, the Username and Password for the ServiceNow instance and select Submit. 



If leveraging API Key and API Token API connectivity. enter the ServiceNow API URL, the API Key and API Token for the ServiceNow instance and select Submit. 



Step 5. After the connector has been configured it should show Active on the main connector page in Cloud Control Center. 




Step 6. Select the three dots next to the connector and then select Sync CMDB (ServiceNow) to bulk import all of the ServiceNow defined assets into the Elisity device asset inventory.




Step 7.  Check to see the ServiceNow learned attributes by clicking the device name and reviewing the ServiceNow section.




Step 10. When creating a Policy Group you can select the attribute learned by ServiceNow such as CMDB Name as match criteria under ServiceNow Attributes of the Criteria dropdown box. This adds the particular ServiceNow attribute as a mandatory match when the system evaluates devices to be classified into the Policy Group. 




Step 12. You can also use the ServiceNow integration to check to make sure the device exists in ServiceNow CMDB before "trusting" it to be classified into the Policy Group.  Select Trust Attributes in the criteria dropdown box, and then select Known in ServiceNow in the items dropdown box. 



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