Connect Claroty CTD

Elisity supports simple API connectivity to Claroty CTD as a method to enrich Operational Technology (OT) device discovery and identity.



  • Claroty CTD is already installed and SPAN traffic is being sent to CTD
  • There is an admin role / credential access to the CTD or EMC server

  • Elisity Cloud Control Center has IP connectivity to CTD or EMC through the enterprise firewall

                                                                    (Click to enlarge)

Connector Instructions

1. Create the connector User on the Claroty CTD or EMC portal by logging in and navigating to User Management > Users. Select New User. Create a new user for Elisity Cloud Control Center to login to Claroty with. 

                                                                      (Click to enlarge)

2. Add this user to the Permissions group for All Asset access

                                                                    (Click to enlarge)

3. Log into Elisity Cloud Control Center and enable the Claroty Connector by navigating to Connectors on the left menu bar. Select + IDP\Connectors

4. Select Configure on the Claroty connector tile in the list that pops up on the right side of the screen.  



5. Enter the API URL (IP of the CTD/EMC instance), the Username and Password previously configured in the Claroty portal and select Submit. 

NOTE: Only the IP or root FQDN is required. No subfolders. ie. https// or


6. After the connector has been configured it should show Active on the main connector page in Cloud Control Center. 




7. Select the three dots next to the connector and then select Sync Assets to bulk import all of the Claroty learned assets into the Elisity device asset database.


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